Sunday, August 23, 2015

Island at War

Spent a lovely day with the Manx Craft Guild  at Douglas train station, we still have good old fashioned trains on the Island running from Port Erin to Douglas that puff smoke or steam as they go through the Countryside.
 Sold enough to cover table and fund my hobby, will never make a fortune but it is good fun when the Guild attends various events on the Island.We all have a laugh and also meet a lot of nice people that come for a look around.
 Not posting a photo of me as a land girl as the look was not a good one  lol

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My friend Linda asked  me to put this on so here goes,The poppies were done with brusho and Golden Clear gloss texture, tap a little powder over the stencil  then use the clear gloss as you would do a normal stencil paste. If just doing the one colour it is easier but if doing the red and green poppy, tap one colour at top then the second further down, Take care as you sweep the Golden over so not to muddy the two colours but do just enough to blend together to  make it more interesting.
The white and blue was done the same way but with white texture paste pulled down over the brusho tapped onto the stencil as before.
 Found this way with the Golden a couple of months back when doing resist stencil work with Brusho and when I went to use the stencil with the golden , it was not as clean as it should be and particles of brusho came through leaving a very different look.
Hope you can understand all this

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